FHM Three-Point Spreader/Grader


Used Successfully by:

  • Farmers/ranchers
  • Contractors/landscapers
  • Townships, counties, cities, and state highway departments
  • Race tracks
  • Golf courses
  • Tractor pull arenas
  • Feedlot operators
  • Corral owners
  • Hobby farmers
  • Campgrounds
  • Parks

Two blades, giving you added strength and efficiency

The FHM Spreader/Grader is a 3-point hitch road grader that attaches to a tractor, and makes short work of road-grading.  In comparison to other road grading equipment that does the same job, the FHM Spreader/Grader operates at a fraction of the cost.  Simply put, FHM Spreader/Grader is the best piece of equipment you can own for unpaved roads.


Versatility At Its Best:

  • Spreads and grades gravel, limestone, aggregate, hot and cold mix asphalt, and all other types of road materials
  • Maintains grounds of parks, golf courses, and beaches
  • Clears grass from, and spreads base materials across construction sites
  • Available in sizes from 4' - 16' and custom sizes are available, see chart below for size information
  • Two hardened steel cutting edges
  • Skidpan skid shoes are replaceable and feature carbide wear strips in the corners
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Warranty
Typical Tractor Horsepower Requirements
Tractor Horsepower Grader Width
20 hp 4 ft.
25 hp 5 ft.
35 hp 6 ft.
45 hp 7 ft.
55 hp 8 ft.
75 hp 9 ft.
85 hp 10 ft.
110-150 hp 12 ft.
180 hp 14 ft.
220+ hp 16 ft.

The True Work Horse; FHM Spreader/Grader Gets It Done

Before          After

FHM Spreader/Grader has a unique multi-blade, acute-angle design that effectively cuts into road surfaces, mixing, sifting, and leveling the soil as it operates.

The blades create a soil "boiling" motion, sifting and depositing finer materials in lower layers with coarser material on the surface.  Our customers often remark that the road appears to be freshly graveled after using the FHM Spreader/Grader.  Because the blades are pulled through the road material rather than pushing it as with a motorized grader, the FHM Spreader/Grader performs faster, more efficiently, and more economically than a motorized grader.

FHM Spreader/Grader Outperforms Motorized Grader

  • Much lower total cost of ownership
  • Maximizes use of tractor fleet
  • Performs faster and more efficiently
  • Less fuel consumption for the same job
  • Low maintenance
  • Replaceable parts mean a lifetime of service under normal usage
  • Creates no windrows
  • Cannot dig into ground to create potholes or "wash boarding"
  • Easily transported from site to site
  • No moving parts
  • Several models and prices available


  • Heavy Duty Skid Shoes with Carbide Wear Strips
  • Cutting Edges in Straight and Serrated
  • Bushing Kits
  • 3-Point Skid-Steer Attachment
  • Arena Attachment

All Utility models from 4' - 7' have a category I three-point hitch standard.  All Commercial models from 7' - 12' have a category II three-point hitch standard.  The Heavy Duty models from 12' - 16' have a category III three-point hitch standard.  All category II & III models will mount on a quick hitch attachment.  If you have special design needs for your grader please let us know at the time of order.  All products are made in the USA.

For more pictures check out our 3-pt. Photo Gallery.


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